What does cross platform mean?

Cross platform is tricky. It seems like a small “technical” buzzword but actually, it is one of the biggest challenges for many technology companies and has different aspects for different people in the organization and outside of it. Developer Point of View It all starts with the fact that applications

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Here’s How to Feed Your App Jealousy

This whole story is under the assumption that some developer is jealous with the app success of another guygirl. Jealousy is not the only reason to try to disrupt the success of another appdeveloper – direct competition can also be a “bad” reason to do so.   It all started

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Every App Needs a Director

Excellent piece from TheNextWeb which meets my belief that apps production is very similar to movies or songs production where the main difference is the fact you can change it after distribution http://thenextweb.com/apple/2013/05/11/the-rise-of-the-app-director/

The dark side of Android fragmentation

One of the main problems with Android for app developers contemplating on Android vs. iOs is the fact it is highly fragmented. On  iOS you, unconsciously, know that you need only to build one version (Let’s keep the example simple) and it will work on all devices, you know that

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Campaign for Gilad Shalit

We launched yesterday a new campaign for the release of Gilad Shalit. The campaign is running on http://giladshalit.fr and for each signature on the campaign we send an email to the Israeli prime minister asking for urging the release of Gilad. Please show you care and sign the letter on

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re: New website for Gilad Shalit

Dear Friend, A new website was launched for Gilad Shalit's freedom – http://giladshalit.fr . The idea behind the site is to increase the awareness to Gilad's story and it provides up to the minute news and pictures from all over the web. If you are a user of twitter please

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2010 The Decade of Content Discovery

The last decade, 2000-2009, flourished with new content creation tools: blogging, tweets, videos, personal pages/profiles and many others. One thing that did not catch the speed of innovation on the content creation side is content discovery tools. We are still mainly using Google's interface of search results to find stuff

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Why We Should Release Gilad Shalit

Many people in Israel nowadays think of our captive solider Gilad Shalit especially in light of recent discussions on potential prisoner exchange deal with Hamas. Everyone usually have their own take on the topic with many many pros and cons. Our cabinet of ministers, 7 at number including our prime

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Gilad Shalit Twitter Website

Hi All, I am working on a new website that is aimed at increasing the awareness to Gilad Shalit on Twitter. Please check it out and let me know if you see some problems. The url is http://giladshalit.fr Dudu

My first days on Twitter

I had my twitter account for quite a while but never really twitted. I guess I was part of the million accounts out there, just idle. I did not find a time to blog so automatically I considered tweeting as something I won't have time for it also. Last week

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Wikipedia for Patents?

Recently I have been dealing a lot with patents and I have to say this is not easy! Patents although claimed to be written in english are most of the time just cryptic. It is almost impossible to an effective patent search and even when you get results, just decrypting

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Machine Operated Web Applications

Software applications have two main perspectives the external perspective where interfaces to the external world are defined and consumed and the internal perspective where an internal structure enables and supports the external interface. Let me elaborate on this: The internal perspective shows the building blocks and layers within the application

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