My first days on Twitter

I had my twitter account for quite a while but never really twitted. I guess I was part of the million accounts out there, just idle. I did not find a time to blog so automatically I considered tweeting as something I won’t have time for it also. Last week I started tweeting and it is very nice. I enjoy it. Same as blogging but faster, shorter and more in sync with the so many things that happen and go through your head during the day.

I was two weeks ago on a #140conf, which is Jeff Pulver’s twitter and social media conference which was great (And I think is the reason I got curious enough on twitter to start tweeting). The first topic on the conf was the human needs being satisfied by Tweeting and the main theory was of loneliness and how Tweeter breaks it. I have to admit that as a new twitter with less than a 100 followers I still get lonely:) and I understand why the presenters who have more than a quarter of million followers do not feel this way.

Anyway, for now, Twitter is for me a way to clear up my mind of thoughts and ideas I would never pursue further and would like to garbage collect (sorry for the geeky term). A way to help someone, especially someone with a technical question on a topic I know something about, everyone is welcome to try, helping quickly with no strings attached. A way to pass time on my laptop when work is done and the only thing left is reading stuff on the web, which can be quite tiring after a while. It is a way to bookmark stuff (I have a private account for it:). A way to not feel out of social networks, since I am not a “good” user most of the time. A way to eavesdrop on others’ talks, something considered not polite in the real world but most welcome on twitter. A way to write stuff without proofreading as I do now for this post.

For now, I enjoy it.