2010 The Decade of Content Discovery

The last decade, 2000-2009, flourished with new content creation tools: blogging, tweets, videos, personal pages/profiles and many others. One thing that did not catch the speed of innovation on the content creation side is content discovery tools. We are still mainly using Google's interface of search results to find stuff

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Changes in Aggreg

Hi All, We are currently re-architecturing Aggreg infrastructure to address the increasing blogosphere. The site will be down for the whole duration of Augost and we expect to relaunch Strategicboard again on beginning of september. The changes we take include distributed processing and aggregation of content aiming to increase our

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Upgrade in progress

Hi All, During the next two weeks you will notice slowdowns or lack of service and that is due to a server upgrade we are running. We have enjoyed a surge in traffic and to provide better service we are investing in our infrastructure. Thanks, Dudu

2007 Wrap-up in Aggreg

Hi All and Happy Holidays! 2007 was an excellent year for me personally and for Aggreg as well. During 2007 we have reached the following achievements: – We have launched Aggreg corporate web site – Strategicboard, our blog search engine, reached a steady 20K daily unique visitors and the trend

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Strategicboard cleanup

Hi All, During the last two weeks we have worked hard to clear our index from spam blogs and duplicates and after removing around 250K feeds that were not blogs from our 1 million feeds index we can proudly say our search results look good. We have made sure we

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Few more features on Strategicboard

Hi, We have also added automatic search suggestion that is activated upon typing your search as well as search suggestions for related searches. Also, for every search, we show the most relevant posts based on our ranking as well the freshest posts on the subject and the all times top

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New features on Strategicboard

Hi, We have added full video search to our blogs, where we show bloggers' videos. We also added a feed search where you can search for feeds according to their name and description. Results of our feed search are sorted by blogger importance level, an internal ranking we keep. Enjoy,

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Cleaning our feeds index

When we have started we collected feeds indiscriminately where feeds includes blogs, splogs, news feeds, bloggers' comment feeds, small aggregators' feeds, search engines results feeds as well as link farms who discovered RSS as a convenient way to multiply their distribution. Recently we have decided to focus on bloggers only

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Major Upgrade to Strategicboard

Hi All, In recent week we have undergone a major upgrade in our server farm that resulted in very high search speed as well as level of refresh of blogs we cover. Currently you can search more then 18 million posts from 900 thousand bloggers globally. Sorry for the problems

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Another Two New Applications on Aggreg Labs

We have added: Taggy – Most important tags cloud and Popularity Contest where the most popular posts are presented. In general we have added support for language selection through all labs applications as well as integrated advertising. Enjoy, Dudu

Aggreg Labs has two new Applications!

Hi All, We have started Aggreg Labs activity. In Aggreg Labs we develop small web applications based on Strategicboard APIs. Currently you can go to the Labs page and see the two new applications. The applications are: Hot Images – View the images of the top posts in the blogosphere

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