Is Web 3.0 The Right Name for The Next Internet Uphill?

I get to see here and there the term ‘3.0’ used in reference to the next internet/technology revolution and somehow it does not feel right to me. I am not sure about this but for me, the coined term ‘2.0’ was a metaphor belonging to the concept of software versioning. If the first internet era where infrastructure was established is called ‘1.0’ implying the first version of a product then what we had recently was a ‘2.0’ where the product, hence the internet, has become more streamlined towards users in terms of services, ease of use and diversity. As in software, there are always other versions such as 3.0 and 4.0 etc… but none of these compares to the unique characteristics ‘1.0’ and ‘2.0’ have.

In software usually, the 1.0 includes basic infrastructure for enabling core functionality as well as a diverse set of features coming from the delirious minds of the developers and maybe potential customers. It is usually very spread out and less focused though very appealing thanks to the creative sense of it. The 2.0 usually is an organized effort to address the needs of specific audiences after getting real feedback and real experience with the 1.0 version. I believe the internet did behave in correspondence with this lifecycle during the last two uphills.

If we try to envision the next uphill (assuming there will be one, hopefully) then it can come in two flavors (or more I have to be humble): The ‘3.0’ style where the product/internet becomes less creative and spread out while maturing current capabilities and extending them to address more perfectly different users’ needs. The second option is to have a spinoff on the ‘2.0’ product series but actually to create something new which can and should be called ‘1.0’ again.

I personally prefer option 2:)