What does Google Browser means to me?

Google having their own browser is a move I did not anticipate and is actually a brilliant idea in terms of os replacement for other proprietary operating systems, hence Microsoft. I think it will actually be very successful for two reasons:

– being open source

– is powered by a web state of mind (and no one is such as google is)

The fact it is open source I think means a killer for IE since having one proprietary browser and one open-source (Mozilla) is one thing. Having two major players with an open-source browser and one proprietary means the proprietary is bad.

As for myself, I think it means a big change in terms of web-based application and their bright future to become the dominant development platform for new products and services. I find it hard to rationalize now developing platform-specific applications while the ability to cross-platform them is so easy.

Anyway, I am very glad about this. As for chrome, I played with that a bit this morning and after a while, it stuck my laptop but I guess this is only early-stage problems.


2 thoughts on “What does Google Browser means to me?”

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  2. Google has made another move towards dominating the internet. I also think that Chrome is a cool name. The goal of Google was and is to change the world.

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