AI patents

Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Kill Patents

The patents system never got along quite well with software inventions. Software is?too fluid for the patenting system, built a long time ago for creations with?physical aspects. The material point view perceives software as a big pile?of electronically powered bits organized in some manner. In recent years the patenting system was bent to cope with software by adding into patent applications artificial additions containing linkage into?physical computing components such as storage or CPU so the…

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Wikipedia for Patents?

Recently I have been dealing a lot with patents and I have to say this is not easy! Patents although claimed to be written in English are most of the time just cryptic. It is almost impossible to an effective patent search and even when you get results, just decrypting what is written here is an impossible task. In the field of information retrieval patents I guess are considered something very difficult to crack and…

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