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Attack Attribution

Whenever I read an investigation of a cyber attack I imagine the hacker laughing at how they got it all wrong #cyber #forensics #apt — Dudu Mimran (@dudumimran) April 8, 2015

Most cyber attacks start with an exploit – I know how to make them go away

Yet another new Ransomware with a new sophisticated approach Pay attention that the key section in the description on the way it operates is “The malware arrives to affected systems via an email attachment. When users execute the attached malicious JavaScript file, it will download four files from its C&C server:” When users execute the JavaScript files it means the JavaScript was loaded into the browser application and exploited the browser in order to get in and then start all the heavy lifting.

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No One is Liable for My Stolen Personal Information

The main victims of any data breach are actually the people, the customers, whom their personal information has been stolen and oddly they don’t get the deserved attention. Questions like what was the impact of the theft on me as a customer, what can I do about it and whether I deserve some compensation are rarely dealt with publicly. Customers face several key problems when their data was stolen, questions such as: Was their data stolen at all? Even if there was a

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Facelift to My Blog

After several years of running my blog on Typepad I moved back to wordpress! The control, modern UI, diversity of plugins and themes and connectivity to the social world made me stop being lazy

Cyber Tech 2015 – It’s a Wrap

It has been a crazy two days at Israel’s Cyber Tech 2015…in a good way! The exhibition hall was split into three sections: the booths of the established companies, the startups pavilion and the Cyber Spark arena. It was like examining an x-ray of the emerging cyber industry in Israel, where on one hand you have the grown-ups whom are the established players, the startups/sprouts seeking opportunities for growth, and an engine which generates such sprouts—the Cyber Spark. I am

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Breaching The Air-Gap with Heat

Researcher Mordechai Guri, guided by Prof. Yuval Elovici, has uncovered a new method to breach air-gapped systems. Our last finding on air-gap security was published in August of 2014, using a method called Air-Hopper which utilizes FM waves for data exfiltration. The new research initiative, termed BitWhisper, is part of the ongoing research on the topic of air-gap security at the Cyber Security Research Center at Ben-Gurion University. BitWhisper is a demonstration for a covert bi-directional communication channel between two

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A Brief History on the Emerging Cyber Capital of the World: Beer-Sheva, Israel

The beginning of the cyber park There are very few occasions in life where you personally experience a convergence of unrelated events that lead to something…something BIG! I am talking about Beer-Sheva, Israel’s desert capital. When I started to work with Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories at Ben-Gurion University 9 years ago it was a cool place to be, though still quite small. Back then, security—which was not yet referred to as cyber security—was one of the topics we covered, but definitely

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Distributed Cyber Warfare

One of the core problems with cyber criminals and attackers is the lack of a clear target. Cyber attacks are digital in nature and as such, they are not tied to a specific geography, organization and or a person – finding the traces to the source is non-deterministic and ambiguous. In a way, it reminds me of real life terrorism as an effective distributed warfare model which is also difficult to mitigate. The known military doctrines always assumed a clear

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Taming The Security Weakest Link(s)

Overview The security level of a computerized system is as good as the security level of its weakest links. If one part is secure and tightened properly and other parts are compromised, then your whole system is compromised and the compromised ones become your weakest links. The weakest link fits well with attackers’ mindset which always looks for the least resistant path to their goal. Third parties in computers present an intrinsic security risk for CISOs, and in general, to

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The Emergence of Polymorphic Cyber Defense

Background Attackers are Stronger Now The cyber world is witnessing a fast-paced digital arms race between attackers and security defense systems, and 2014 showed everyone that attackers have the upper hand in this match.  Attackers are on the rise due to their growing financial interest—motivating a new level of sophisticated attacks that existing defenses are unmatched to combat. The fact that almost everything today is connected to the net and the ever-growing complexity of software and hardware turns everyone and

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