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Solving Data Privacy Once and For All

The way online services are setup today implies that the only technical means to provide a more personalized experience to customers is to collect as much as possible personal data into a server and then to put it into some machine that offers recommendations. Personalization is convenient, and we all want convenience, even at the price of compromise of our personal lives. This line of thought started with Amazon, Google, and Facebook, and today it…

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Why Privacy Will Remain an Open Issue Unless

2018 was a year of awakening to the dear side effects of technological innovation on privacy. The news from Facebook’s mishandling of users’ data has raised concerns everywhere. We saw the misuse of private information for optimizing business goals and abuse of personal data as a platform to serve mind-washing political influencers posing as commercial advertisers. Facebook is in a way the privacy scapegoat of the world but they are not alone. Google, Twitter, and…

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No One is Liable for My Stolen Personal Information

The main victims of any data breach are actually the people, the customers, whom their personal information has been stolen and oddly?they don?t get the deserved attention. Questions like what was the impact of the theft on me as a customer, what can I do about it?and whether I deserve some compensation are rarely dealt with publicly. Customers face several key problems when their data was?stolen, questions such as: Was their data stolen at all?…

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