Facelift to My Blog

After several years of running my blog on Typepad I moved back to wordpress! The control, modern UI, diversity of plugins and themes and connectivity to the social world made me stop being lazy

Bad YouTube Experience

Yesterday while I was viewing a video on YouTube I was aggressively interrupted by a video/flash based commercial with sound. I am not sure whether that was a glitch but someone need to pay attention to the fact that people can not hear two different soundtracks at the same time. Two videos is easy since you can focus your eyes on a certain area but two sounds is too much for me:)

Phoney faces everywhere over Israel’s self defense

After watching quite a bit of the news from our little war in Gaza, both in local and foreign networks something has dawned on me. People, mainly in Europe but not only, treat Israel the country and its basic rights as if it was questionable. Somehow the critic level focused towards our country is disproportionate in comparison to what we are actually doing. It is not even comparable to what others being criticized for much bigger things with far less

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Turning a page

After a long and deep contemplation on my current internet activities, Aggreg, Strategicboard, King Ping and Trendmapper I decided to shut it off. I really could not find how can I monetize this sites and after long three years of hard work and devotion I decided to turn the page. Apologies to the users  of these services although not too many still there are few who were loyal during all the bad and good times and I thank you for

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Long time no blog

Well, I am finaly able to admit that blogging isn't easy as I thought it was when I started this blog. I had dreams of blogging everyday, once upon every interesting thing that happens and apparently I did not. Tried to blame it on lack of time, subjects I did not think were worthy or plain secrecy to hide my grand plans on what I do but these are all just plain and lame excuses. I actually miss blogging, though

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Visit from my Family

Today my cute and cool nephews visited me at home and saw Omer my little and eldest son. I love you very much my nephews Yoav Mimran and his little brother Yotam Mimran. Dudu

Happy New Year

Happy new year (jewish) to everyone and world peace. Dudu

Full disclosure

Many times when I write about Strategic Board I use the word "we" instead of "I". It is an old habit of always being part of a larger group. Anyway, for anyone interested, I am the only person behind Strategic Board (and few other surprises in the near future) doing everything starting at development, desig, system administration and of course washing the dishes:) Dudu

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