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Persuasion vs. Spin

Interesting post on Corporate Engagement blog The history of spin "“Spin,” says Stockwell. “is really just persuasion under another name. Persuasion has been a crucial part of how people convince each other since the ancient Greeks. Aristotle wrote about rhetoric, as it was called in his day, and set out

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Private Labeling of News Readers

On Portals and KM: The Need for Feed(s) – Wired I have learned that the Denver Post together with NewsGator decided to partner on delivering a Denver Post-branded newsreader to their readers with specific capabilities that will enable every day news readers (And not only RSS technology early adopters) to

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Software As a Service – Perspectives

My perspectives on the important subject of software as a service presented on Venture Chronicles by Jeff Nolan: Software as a Service – Part 1. Evolving Relationships – Technology is nowadays an integral part of businesses in all sectors and the general trend of evolving and de-coupling the dependencies enterprise

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State of Innovation in the Blogosphere

I have read the post on "Bubblegeneration – Evil Corporations Only" that discusses some of the strategic moves technorati and bloglines have taken recently. The post discusses the consequences of these moves towards the future of these companies in the evolving ecosystem surrounding the the enabling RSS/Blogging concept. I have

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Oracle vs. SAP (and Microsoft?)

A nice three pages overview on recent moves by Oracle and SAP "Larry's war: Oracle vs. SAP – CNET"The only thing that is missing for me in the article is the threats Microsoft poses on Oracle with its recent entrance to the business applications segment. Oracle has always competed

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Stats on blog readers and venture capital

"3% of Americans read blogs daily" "Top US venture capital locations: Silicon Valley, New England, New York City" "Top industries for venture investments in 2004: software, biotech, telecom"

Microsoft Enhances BI for the SME

In an article Microsoft Crowds Business Intelligence Space, Microsoft enhances its BI offering to address better the needs of small to medium size businesses. Regarding the "crowdness" of the space I do think that there is a difference between the large enterprises BI space, which is indeed crowded and the

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Feed Name Server

While thinking on my blog infrastructure my "techie" instinct always warns me on what will happen when my feed will not be available for readers (Web service down) or even worse what will happen when a I will want to change my feed properties such as: address, title, description and

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Request for Feedback #1

Please let us know what you think about our blog. We are working hard to improve it for the convenience of our readers and your feedback is important to us! Please rate our blog via our survey on the left-side menu. Thanks for your feedback. P.S. We are going to

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Blog Tips & Tricks #1

Blog Tips & Tricks articles contain explanations, tips and tricks on how to use our blog efficiently. All the tips & tricks will be categorized under the "Blog Tips & Ticks" category. Categories: We have two types of categories in our blog: the "Covered Subjects" topic categorizes articles according to

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Welcome Message

Welcome to Strategic Board's blogsite. My name is Dudu Mimran and I will be the moderate of this blog. Strategic Board is a start-up company developing software solutions to help companies deal better with market challenges, opportunities and threats. In our blog we will discuss corporate strategies and corporate intelligence

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