Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Kill Patents

The patents system never got along quite well with software inventions. Software is too fluid for the patenting system, a system that was built a long time ago for inventions with inherent physical aspects. Software is perceived by the physical point view as a big pile of bits organized in some manner. In recent years the patenting system was bent to cope with software by adding into patent applications artificial additions containing linkage into physical computing components such as storage or CPU so

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Upgrade in progress

Hi All, During the next two weeks you will notice slowdowns or lack of service and that is due to a server upgrade we are running. We have enjoyed a surge in traffic and to provide better service we are investing in our infrastructure. Thanks, Dudu

2007 Wrap-up in Aggreg

Hi All and Happy Holidays! 2007 was an excellent year for me personally and for Aggreg as well. During 2007 we have reached the following achievements: – We have launched Aggreg corporate web site – Strategicboard, our blog search engine, reached a steady 20K daily unique visitors and the trend is going up. Most of our traffic comes from the US and the rest spreads across the globe evenly. – Strategicboard has received a big infrastructure infusion and now we

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Strategicboard search results as RSS / OPML or Mobile edition

Hi All, We have now made sure every search result can be grabbed as an RSS feed, blog reading list in an OPML format or clear mobile edition that can be viewed easily in a mobile phone. Our OPML list is changing dynamically based on the blogs who appear top ranked for each search and can be used as an excellent tool for identifying new bloggers related to a specific subject. Dudu

Startegicboard – Plans for next two weeks

Hi All, In the next two weeks we are going to upgrade our online operation (which is different than our backend indexing farm, which has been upgraded lately) to support our growth and provide higher response time for searches. There might be some shutdowns but we will do our best to minimize downtime. Dudu

Strategicboard cleanup

Hi All, During the last two weeks we have worked hard to clear our index from spam blogs and duplicates and after removing around 250K feeds that were not blogs from our 1 million feeds index we can proudly say our search results look good. We have made sure we don't have search engines feeds, aggregators feeds, spammers and duplicate feeds of the same blogs. Dudu

Quick roundup on Strategicboard search commands

Hi, Strategicboard accepts several commands via the searchbox except for free text search. l:permalink = shows all incoming links to a permalink o:permalink = shows all outgoing links from a permalink s:[blog url or feed address] = shows indexed posts of a specific blog f:keyword = searches for feeds within our blog directory Dudu

New features on Strategicboard

Hi, We have added full video search to our blogs, where we show bloggers' videos. We also added a feed search where you can search for feeds according to their name and description. Results of our feed search are sorted by blogger importance level, an internal ranking we keep. Enjoy, Dudu

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