Spanning the Chasm: The Missing Link in Tech Regulation – Part 1 of 2

Mark Zuckerberg was right when he wrote in his op-ed to the Washington Post that the internet needs new rules – though naturally, his view is limited as a CEO of a private company. For three decades governments across the globe have created an enormous regulatory vacuum due to a profound misunderstanding of the magnitude of technology on society. As a result, they neglected their duty to protect society in the mixed reality of technology and humanity. Facebook is the scapegoat of this debate due to its enormous impact on the social fabric, but the chasm between governments, regulation and

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Machine Operated Web Applications

Software applications have two main perspectives the external perspective where interfaces to the external world are defined and consumed and the internal perspective where an internal structure enables and supports the external interface. Let me elaborate on this: The internal perspective shows the building blocks and layers within the application allowing specific data flow and processing. To further simply things let’s take an example from the real world and that is a real building block. We can describe it in a technical and physical description that will detail the concrete, foundations, electricity tunnels, air conditioning, and others. The external perspective

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What Web 3.0 gone be like? Or will it be Computer 2.0?

Recent wave of innovation called web 2.0 has been described by many others and better then me but in own words I would say it was time where the web has finally picked up in terms of viable computing platform for doing real things, mostly for individuals and not businesses. This change was possible thanks to many factors such as affordable, stable and fast internet connections and enough people with experience gained from the first round (the 90's bubble) coming from all different schools – developers, designers, entreprenerus, and marketing wizards. Although today things seem gloomy, achievements and milestones that have been

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Firefox my new operating system

Firefox recently reminds me of MS Windows. Everytime it starts up it checks for updates. Then it checks for updates for the plugins. Then it loads some of the plugins. Eventually it takes around 10-20 seconds for the first page to appear and if this is not the sign browsers are the new operating systems I am not sure what is.

What does Google Browser means to me?

Google having their own browser is a move I did not anticipate and is actually a brilliant idea in terms of os replacement for other proprietary operating systems, hence microsoft. I think it will actually be very successfull for two reasons: – being open source – being powered by a web state of mind (and no one is such as google is) The fact it is open source I think means a killer for IE since having one propietary browser and one open source (mozilla) is one thing. Having two major players with open source browser and one propietary means

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Mazool – New innovative startup in the BI world

A good friend of mine just launched their corporate website Mazool. From the site: "Mazool is a Collaborative Data Delivery platform for your existing BI environment. It ensures data is delivered effectively and efficiently to the right people by leveraging collaboration, knowledge management, and personalized search…" Anyone in the BI domain must check it out. Dudu

A Product Roadmap in a Feed

Strategic Board was initially an idea about a new competitive intelligence/market intelligence tool for enterprises in the IT sector. Since then many things have changed including our concept and vision and probably the only permanent thing here is me and Strategic Board the name itself:) One of the building blocks a competitive intelligence tool is required to have in order to be effective is comparisons and more specifically product comparisons. Product comparisons, whether it is about comparing the featureset of different products, conducting a SWOT analysis or building a comparative pricing table, are done manually with many errors accumulated in

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