Facelift to My Blog

After several years of running my blog on Typepad I moved back to wordpress! The control, modern UI, diversity of plugins and themes and connectivity to the social world made me stop being lazy

Campaign for Gilad Shalit

We launched yesterday a new campaign for the release of Gilad Shalit. The campaign is running on http://giladshalit.fr and for each signature on the campaign we send an email to the Israeli prime minister asking for urging the release of Gilad. Please show you care and sign the letter on

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re: New website for Gilad Shalit

Dear Friend, A new website was launched for Gilad Shalit's freedom – http://giladshalit.fr . The idea behind the site is to increase the awareness to Gilad's story and it provides up to the minute news and pictures from all over the web. If you are a user of twitter please

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Why We Should Release Gilad Shalit

Many people in Israel nowadays think of our captive solider Gilad Shalit especially in light of recent discussions on potential prisoner exchange deal with Hamas. Everyone usually have their own take on the topic with many many pros and cons. Our cabinet of ministers, 7 at number including our prime

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Gilad Shalit Twitter Website

Hi All, I am working on a new website that is aimed at increasing the awareness to Gilad Shalit on Twitter. Please check it out and let me know if you see some problems. The url is http://giladshalit.fr Dudu

Bad YouTube Experience

Yesterday while I was viewing a video on YouTube I was aggressively interrupted by a video/flash based commercial with sound. I am not sure whether that was a glitch but someone need to pay attention to the fact that people can not hear two different soundtracks at the same time.

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I got myself a new blog:)

Well, after wasting some time with wordpress I decided to become a dumb user and use one of the services available and typepad was selected. So I got me a new blog. Dudu

Turning a page

After a long and deep contemplation on my current internet activities, Aggreg, Strategicboard, King Ping and Trendmapper I decided to shut it off. I really could not find how can I monetize this sites and after long three years of hard work and devotion I decided to turn the page.

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Long time no blog

Well, I am finaly able to admit that blogging isn't easy as I thought it was when I started this blog. I had dreams of blogging everyday, once upon every interesting thing that happens and apparently I did not. Tried to blame it on lack of time, subjects I did

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Visit from my Family

Today my cute and cool nephews visited me at home and saw Omer my little and eldest son. I love you very much my nephews Yoav Mimran and his little brother Yotam Mimran. Dudu

Full disclosure

Many times when I write about Strategic Board I use the word "we" instead of "I". It is an old habit of always being part of a larger group. Anyway, for anyone interested, I am the only person behind Strategic Board (and few other surprises in the near future) doing

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Text Links works for me!

I've joined a month ago Text Links publisher program and meanwhile I got a very good click rate as well as nice earnings. Recommended! – http://www.text-link-ads.com/ Dudu

Moving to a new office

Hi All, Finally we are moving from our homes to a new office so I want to appologize beforehand on the problems with the service. Hopefully until wednesday we will be up and running in our new facilities. Dudu

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