Rent my Brain and Just Leave me Alone

Until AI will be intelligent enough to replace humans in complex tasks there will be an interim stage and that is the era of human brain rental. People have diverse intelligence capabilities and many times these are not optimally exploited due to living circumstances. Other people and corporations which know how to make money many times lack the brain power required to scale their business. Hiring more people into a company is complicated and the efficiency level of new hires decelerates with scale. With a good reason – all the personality

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Right and Wrong in AI

Background The DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge (CGC) 2016 competition has captured the imagination of many with its AI challenge. In a nutshell it is a competition where seven highly capable computers compete with each other and each computer is owned by a team. Each team creates a piece of software which is able to autonomously identify flaws in their own computer and fix them and identify flaws in the other six computers and hack them. A game inspired by the

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Are Chat Bots a Passing Episode or Here to Stay?

Chat bots are everywhere. It feels like the early days of mobile apps where you either knew someone who is building an app or many others planning to do so. Chat bots have their magic. It’s a frictionless interface allowing you to naturally chat with someone. The main difference is that on the other side there is a machine and not a person. Still, one as old as I got to think whether it is the end game in terms of human-machine interaction or are they just another evolutionary step in the

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