What does cross platform mean?

Cross platform is tricky. It seems like a small “technical” buzzword but actually, it is one of the biggest challenges for many technology companies and has different aspects for different people in the organization and outside of it. Developer Point of View It all starts with the fact that applications can potentially be targeted towards different computing devices. To get more people to use your applications you would like it to run on more and more device categories whether it

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Here’s How to Feed Your App Jealousy

This whole story is under the assumption that some developer is jealous with the app success of another guygirl. Jealousy is not the only reason to try to disrupt the success of another appdeveloper – direct competition can also be a “bad” reason to do so.   It all started one day when I saw that Look & Cook daily reviews report arrived to my inbox with something around thirty 5 star reviews. Cool? No. Each review was very short

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Every App Needs a Director

Excellent piece from TheNextWeb which meets my belief that apps production is very similar to movies or songs production where the main difference is the fact you can change it after distribution http://thenextweb.com/apple/2013/05/11/the-rise-of-the-app-director/

Will voice replace the touch interfaces on mobiles?

Siri, apparently has started a revolution, at least public relations wise since voice activation has been around for quite a while but never seemed to be perfect. It seems people like to talk to her and she responds back. Few in the industry have written on the impact the new voice interaction paradigm might create – Gigaom discusses the potential lost of mobile ad revenues and Bloomberg reports on Siri doubling data volumes. Voice indeed seems as a killer interface at first glance

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Will the number of apps ever stop growing?

I am a big fan of apps! Both as an apps developer and as a smartphone user started way before the days it was even called a smartphone. I own several phones with all possible operating systems and never miss a chance to install any new app I encounter. I may be a major factor in the total 2011 downloads number in appstores:) Following this self-proclaiming manifest and after I achieved credibility as someone who knows something about apps, I

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