In recent 12 years I’ve been the CTO of Telekom Innovation Laboratories in Israel as well as the CTO of the Cyber Security Research Center at Ben-Gurion University. I also consult the top management of different large enterprises in the area of digital transformation, innovation strategy and data driven strategies. I co-founded multiple startups in different domains. In recent years my main areas of interest are in AI, cyber security, big data, IoT, fintech and telecommunications. I’ve been a developer (I’ve written code in most programming languages), software team leader, VP R&D, CTO, general manager, strategy, business development and other roles. What interests me the most are patterns of innovation and strategy. My full and always up-to-date CV is on Linkedin.

I had the pleasure of publishing over 50 patents and research papers, mostly together with highly talented colleagues. I write occasionally on this blog and in different media outlets. I also speak in public events on different topics.

On a personal note I love technology and its impact on our life. I’ve been into the world of technology since age 11 playing around with Commodore 64 assembly instructions where I took it more professionally at age 19 in the Israeli army and later on in the high-tech industry. I live in Tel Aviv, Israel and enjoy that a lot!

Please feel free to connect in whatever form of communication favorable to you, I love meeting new people.

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