A Great 2014 @ Ben-Gurion’s Cyber Security Labs


We had a very productive year at 2014 in Ben-Gurion’s cyber security labs. We published several research papers which got wide media coverage. The first finding was a vulnerability uncovered on Samsung’s KNOX phones. The vulnerability enables an attacker to intercept data coming out from the secure KNOX container. Later on the public discussion has shifted the bug into Google’s responsiblity and several weeks later Google issued a patch for it.

The second big event was the creation of a new startup originating from a research which was conducted in the lab. The research was about an innovative method for defending systems against targeted attacks. The company, Titanium (now it is Morphisec), has won a 1 million dollars prize at the JVP’s cyber competition and now the company is progressing very impressively on its own.


The last event was our release of AirHopper, a method for breaching air-gapped computers which received serious coverage and ignited a big debate on the security of air-gapped computers.

2015 has just started and we are now working on some really cool stuff. Stay tuned!

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