Proud Israeli on the 66 Independence Day!

Happy Birthday Dear Homeland!

Happy sixty six birthday and if I had only one wish to ask for then it is that may you live forever!

I wish the people in Israel lot’s of health, good times, strong brotherhood and never ending prosperity. We definitely deserve that.

Today is a special day for Israel where we celebrate our freedom and all our achievements. Not without flaws and with lots to improve still with a great smile I feel very proud to be Israeli. Standing on the shoulders of giants whom have taken a nomanland and turned it into a super nation which sets as an example for our close surroundings and the rest of the world.

Our happy independence day is mixed with our sad sad memorial day and although not sure whom have decided on such timing for those two events it is definitely we thought of. Every independence day, just several hours before the start of the celebrations we deep dive into the stories of all the brave brothers and sisters whom given their lives on the struggle to our independence.

I won’t go into what makes me so proud to be Israeli as the list is long but still one thing to mention – the ambitious spirit to make a difference we all Israelis share. Whether it is a remaining from our ancestors which did unbelievable things or just something genetic every Israeli has huge motivation to improve their lives which is unparallel to any other nation I know. Never accepting no. Always having new ideas on how to deal with problems and always always optimistic.

This spiritual ability should not be taken lightly!

So, before I go to the roof to see some firecrackers – happy independence day the people in Israel!!!!

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