Iran is the Cause Behind the Israeli and Palestinian Conflict

Iran is the Israelis and Palestinians biggest problem. Someone has to put it upfront and turn the light into the roots of today's forces causing recent two wars and other conflicts.

In recent years Iran, lead by their new dictator, has been the most aggressive force in the middle east. They are relentlessly building capabilities to build weapons for mass destruction "playing out" the rest of the world into believing they don't. Their head of state is using an un-precedent aggressive voice preaching for extinction of Israel and the US – voices that were long gone from the face of earth since Hitler's time. They are leading and supporting Syria's extremist forces drawing in the rest of the country towards their camp. They sponsored, trained and nurtured Hizballa, ones a small militant group into the de-facto controlling force in Lebanon. Thanks to them Hizballa started a second Lebanon war where Lebanon and innocent civilians were hurt. They sponsor, train and nurture the Hammas group in Gaza. Same group that led to this war and again costs mostly in innocent civilian lives.

And still they go by as if nothing happens. Two months ago the exiting CEO of the International Nuclear authority was interviewed and said Iran has fooled them in last three years and still nothing happens. Everyone now eye the Gaza strip conflict as if it was the last problem on earth giving some "free pass time" to Iran enabling them to speedup their race for rage without no disturbance.

I really hope something is done about it behind the scenes but from the way it looks bad things are going to happen. Israelis or Jews did not hear these kind of threats and voices in a long time now and I feel it will be a huge mistake to let it be as if it was just talks. We've been there once and that complacent attitude towards our haters was a fatal mistake to our existence than and it would be the same now. I personally take Iran's threats and provocative calls to be very true and concrete as if they already have the power at hand. And I suggest other's to do so as well since madness has no barriers and it is not 1945 anymore where small bombs was the top of the line.

I believe once Iran will calm down most of our problems with the Palestinians and the Arab world will be solved since people in both sides have changed since 1973 and the only people who keep maintaining the conflict are those who get salaries from Iran.

My impression and understanding is that most Israelis would like to solve our conflict with the Palestinian people and to even compensate on hurts and sufferings caused to them in the past – it has been like that since Rabin's time for the last 12 years. And I wish the Palestinians will someday outsmart and escape the Iranian trap, whom costs them very dearly now, into dealing with us directly for solving this conflict.

If Iran was a near by country with deep past involvement with Palestinians It could have been somehow logical for me to understand how they stick to them, but how can the Palestinian people be so blind into not seeing they just serve the Iranian own cold interest. Iran is distant and has its own regional ambitions who has nothing to do with Palestinians and they use them now just as a card to draw attention out of them. Where were they before their new dictator has risen up? Palestinians had harsher times in Israel and I don't recall ever them sending food or money. Everything out of blind interest, interest that causes dear lives of simple people and living souls.

I have to give them respect, they have got us, the Israelis into two wars in recent two years without lifting a finger and zero casualties. How can we allow ourselves not respect what they promise to us?

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