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Happy Birthday Israel

Happy birthday to my beloved country for your 60 birthday. May you live forever.

Israel that was built from the ashes of the german gas chambers just 60 years ago is a miracle by all means. A small group of individuals, hurt and lonely, have come together and started the most successful startup in human history. Coming to a dry and harsh land with nothing but a deep ambition to build a home was not easy. People who have just lost all their roots, family, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers became one to build a warm home for Jewish man and women from all over the world.

I am personally deeply thankful for all the blood, sweat and tears being poured here by all the brave souls to make sure I can live and build a family very conveniently nowadays.

Today, 60 years later, Israel, takes pride of being an excellent place to live in for millions of people. Jews, Muslims and Christian man and women live and prosper together in the Promised Land. I know peace is yet to come and conflicts do exist, things that happen in every good family. I know we are blame of some of it and others have blame too. I know we have poverty, lack of justice and corruption and we have the responsibility to fix this. Still none of this can diminish the big pride I take of being an Israeli.

The founding fathers and mothers are almost no longer with us today and we the young generation has the responsibility to make sure the torch is being passed and the same miracle continues during our time. I have to admit we have an easier job.

Long live Israel!