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2007 Wrap-up in Aggreg

Hi All and Happy Holidays!

2007 was an excellent year for me personally and for Aggreg as well. During 2007 we have reached the following achievements:

– We have launched Aggreg corporate web site
– Strategicboard, our blog search engine, reached a steady 20K daily unique visitors and the trend is going up. Most of our traffic comes from the US and the rest spreads across the globe evenly.

– Strategicboard has received a big infrastructure infusion and now we have more then 20 servers handling indexing and serving user requests. We have gone from 50K to >700K blogs that we cover after eliminating more then a million spam blogs.

– King Ping, our central ping service that we acquired during 2007, has been relaunched and now handles around 10K daily unique and real pings (we verify that there is a real update within pinged blogs before we update our more then 50 search engines on the list). Our automatic blogging feature has been a huge success and we have several hundred thousands of bloggers who opted for the service, where we check once in a while the blogs to see whether there is a change and if we detect one then we go and do the ping automatically.

– TrendMapper, the social search trending service was also acquired during 2007 and I have to say although we had plans to relaunch it this year we didn't succeed to do so yet. We are going through a major change within TrendMapper both in terms of scalability and user experience and we do expect to have the new version up and running until february 2008.

That was all for 2007 and our plans for 2008 include first the relaunch of TrendMapper which holds many cool features behind it and of course the launch of our vertical blog search engines W2Apps, CarsMonitor, GoogMS and Middleastern. Most important for us is providing good quality service to our users and needless to say infrastructure will stay a hot topic for 2008 as well.

Anyway, I would like to thank all our users and supporters and we hope 2008 will be no less interesting then 2007.