Blogging – A Competitive Double-edged Sword

 You’ve got a new direction for your company – should you blog about it or

Few years ago many web 2.0 entrepreneurs were blogging quite openly on their
plans and product roadmaps, right before web 2.0 has become a real competitive
landscape. Nowadays, since there are already giants playing in the web 2.0
battlefield, blogging instinctively on your plans does not come automatically
anymore (at least not for me:).

It happens many times when an emerging market is created, entrepreneurs who
deep inside are not sure in 100% that their new identified turf will become a
viable market, are usually open about their inner thoughts and plans also as
part of evangelism and for conducting some market response validation.

My personal conflict now is whether this open “policy” on revealing your
plans is a real strategy (as it was defined in the early days) or is it just
something that was OK during the early days of web 2.0 but it is not so


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