Talk before you act strategy in the web 2.0 era

I’ve encountered today a post regarding ‘s contemplations about their and regardless of the specific subject covered in the post, it came to my attention that something has changed.

Before business pattern pf , Microsoft and few other vendors were using a of talking a lot about upcoming versions of their product for gaining feedback before a real launch (some kind of post product-marketing strategy). Creating a press buzz is easy for Microsoft and it helped them many times to achieve an image of innovators without releasing anything (and many times they have canceled products due to bad feedback or inability to stand up to their promises).

Anyway, now in the (it feels good to write this phrase:), where innovators publish applications very fast, this strategy being used by Microsoft seems old and broken. In the past where vendors used to release a version once a year in the best case, seeing Microsoft’s announcements was exciting. Now it seems like an old strategy and it mainly emphasizes their delays and not their innovations.


UPDATE: See what I found Post-Vista: Microsoft to Rethink Windows

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