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Hello All,

We have added few features :

Buzz – To every page of search results we added a tagcloud with the behind the results. A great tool for quickly understanding what is happening in the industry and also as a navigation tool to explore closely related subjects (people, company names, technologies and more).

Archives Search – For every search results page and for the main headlines page we have added a small calendar button that let's you easily view search results from the past (our archives). Just click on the calendar button and select a past date. Immediately you will receive search results from that period of time. For example if you go to the main page (recent developments in the IT world) and set the date to January 1st 2006 you will get the search results from that date as if it was today.

Tag/Feed Advertising – We are experimenting a / concept. So if you are interested to advertise on Strategic Board of our IT audience then contact us at

Top 100 Referrers – We've added a small expand button near every blog that appears on our list. Click on it and you will see the list of other blogs that link to it.