End of the road for standalone RSS aggregators? No!

"A Thousand s Crying – moves on " by (see post). Nik says that startups are doomed now, after the giant – , have decided to make outlook RSS ready. Although Nick raises many valid points to consider I tend to stay on the rather optimistic side where I believe new products and new giants can emerge as it always been. When I read the post I felt I could do a search and replace to the written company names with different ones from past scenarios and still have with a valid story to tell. You can try with changing Microsoft in this story to (The current big bad wolf) and replace (and other startups) in the current prey position with Microsoft itself back in the early 90's.

Having said that, I fully agree with the "good" things this change will do to the industry by increasing user adoption and getting RSS to .

See my past comment on NewsGator Vs. Microsoft from march 2005 – NewsGator acquires FeedDemon – Consequences.

Marry Christmas to all of you!


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