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Strategic Board User Manual

This is an overview on with few advanced options for advanced users.


Strategic Board is based on our search foundation called ™. Context Search™ indexes content in a unique way emulating the way "human" associative memory works. In simple words for every search query you enter we "guess" what would be the most relevant context for your search (i.e. ibm server we guess it to be the intersection of the servers world with IBM's world). After locating the most relevant context for your query we show you the results that are the most relevant for the selected context. In more simple words we aim to bring you the most "comprehensive" items related to your areas of interest instead of the most "popular" ranking as commonly used in today's s.

Today in Strategic Board we are actually experiment one "giant" context, which is the IT . IT blogosphere means that every feed out there that discusses IT. We work towards reaching complete coverage on every IT related blog in the world in the following months.

Few facts about us

1) We index only IT related blogs and RSS feeds of commercial news sources. This means that every search result will yield results that are only from the IT world.

2) We try to keep in synch with all sources at a maximum delay of 24 hours (working towards almost real time), so it is fresh.

3) We archive all the items we index so you can find also past news and blog posts in your searches. We have started collecting data three months ago.

4) We add new sources all the time, it is done automatically.

5) Every word or phrase is being searched with a wildcard automatically, i.e. you can search "" or to get all news with all derivatives of what you have searched. To limit the wildcard search on a specific word or phrase add ! to the end of the wanted word.

6) Every search result has a feed. Tip – If you are interested to convert a search url to search feed add the parameter &fr=x to the end of it.

7) Up to ten words or phrases in every search. It is done due to the complexity of a query described by ten tokens rather then limits in technology.

Advanced Search Syntax

sp:topnews – this will bring the results of the main page – the most referenced news/posts in the last 30 days.

s:feed url – this will show all the items that we indexed from a specific source. i.e. s:

l:permalink – shows all the items that reference a permalink


w:url – Get news and posts related to the contents of the page pointed by the url

h:about – About us

h:aboutb – About our beta phase

h:webmasters – Free tools for webmasters and bloggers

… expect more to come:)

That's all for now,

Suggestions, Problems or Feedback – feel free to contact me directly ,

Stay tuned on this for developments.