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Why core blogosphere companies are sold too early?

There are rumors nowadays about the possibility of being sold to or and the large volume of commenting made me think whether companies such as (sold to ) or now Technorati are looking to exit the game too early.
I do think that all depends on the promise creates for small companies that can drive to greatness and independence and spirits and if we will see RSS as something to be a medium size without a real change in its winds then being bought by a large rival seems very reasonable.

This if it is at all of small companies that are today the core of the being for rather "small" returns will for sure diminish the ambitions of other s to engage in pure RSS s. As well as killing the ambitions of already sceptic to bet on this playground. Many ventures needed to build the new that can change forever the experience with the will not happen.

It is not that I am implying that when Google or Yahoo will own Technorati for example then RSS and will die. Still I do think that due to the higher pressures of the giants to satisfy their hungry stock audience the owned company direction will be more towards immediate and less towards a responsible view on constructing the blogosphere such as the one a small company can take "foolishly" and ingeniously.

This responsibility is what creates , things that really make a change and not just immediate cash cows.