The ease of removing RSS Ads from Feeds

Integrating in blog s gets a lot of traction nowadays both on important blogs and on news sites (Following and announcements).

Stripping rss ads from feeds is very easy to do from a technical perspective and it can be implemented by any blog reading platform, whether client-side software or a web based service at the developer discretion. Currently feed readers enjoy an almost "clean" content and imagining a Google or ad that will follow every post in every feed being read can raise users cry to strip the ads, especially in products that the user paid for.

A similar effect happened during the end of the 90's where web site advertising was hot and it was almost impossible for users to navigate the web – back then popup killers were invented and they were not a perfect solution for the problem. In RSS feeds the story is totally different and killing RSS ads is a no-brainer task.

One response from Geek News Central – Un-Subscribed to RSS Feeds with Google Ads.

Another one .

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