A wind of change by new online database applications?

covers the launch of Backpack by 37signals. Viewing the newly launched and quite impressive site made me contemplate on what would be the effects of this new breed of services alongside many other different Wiki products on the currenet state of the art s. This new breed of products are a great replacement for databases such as , and other commercial products in this category.

Most of the newly launched products in Backpack's category are still in the greenhouse of small upstarts and are not enjoying yet the marketing dollars of Microsoft and Intuit and thus are not reaching yet mass audience. Still it does present a shift in this technology category that will prevail finally due to much lower cost of ownership and ease of use. Even Microsoft in a step of believe released their product to with seems to be high adoption rates – Microsoft's Open Source Intentions .

UPDATE: See more on Personal Technology: Net-based to-do lists permit collaboration.

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