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Welcome to Strategic Board's blogsite. My name is Dudu Mimran and I will be the moderate of this blog. Strategic Board is a start-up company developing software solutions to help companies deal better with market challenges, opportunities and threats.

In our blog we will discuss corporate strategies and corporate intelligence in general, and in the hi-tech industry in particular. Our aim is to encourage public discussion of these important subjects that drive and shape the way industries evolve or die.

We believe that blogging is a practical tool for businesses that aim to become more transparent for their markets/customers/partners. Being transparent means expressing one's thoughts, believes and goals. Blogs also serve as a communication medium between employees and other parties in the industry; blogs are a medium that gives businesses a personal touch that has a different value then the conventional interactions businesses have with their audience.

A few general notes on our blog: We encourage our readers to respond to our expressed our opinions since your responses, arguments and conversations play an important role in developing meaningful insights for the industry. Feel free to contact us or myself directly (Dudu mailto:dudu@strategicboard.com) regarding questions/problems/suggestions and personal comments.

On a personal note, I am Israeli and my English is probably not the best English that you will find on the internet (of course, I only have errors that my spell checker misses) and I thank you for your patience.

Final notething, we are currently in stealth mode, which means I can not elaborate further on what we do at this point. We will release as much information as possible when the time is right.

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