Blog Tips & Tricks #1

Blog Tips & Tricks articles contain explanations, tips and tricks on how to use our blog efficiently. All the tips & tricks will be categorized under the "Blog Tips & Ticks" category.

Categories: We have two types of categories in our blog: the "Covered Subjects" topic categorizes articles according to subject, and the "Article Type" topic sorts articles according to their nature. For example, the category called "Stats" contains articles with statistics-based information. The categories can be accessed via the left-side menu of the Blog Homepage or via the left-side menu in each of our blog pages. Each article may be associated with several categories that are displayed at the end of each article.

Collapsible content: Almost all the content and tools in our blog are collapsible. Each article is collapsible at the title level and within the body of the article. Each tool box is collapsible by clicking on the upper-right cross image of each box.

Surveys: In each blog we provide two types of surveys: one relates to the specific subject of the blog, such as a corporate intelligence survey, and the second is a more general purpose survey. To participate in our surveys, locate it under the left-side "Blog Tools" menu.

Directories: We maintain three subject-specific directories of blogs and weblinks, as well as a general purpose directory that is related to bloggers and the blogging world in general. Feel free to suggest new relevant links or to notify us of new/broken links via the "Tools" link in each directory box.

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